Gender Equality On and Off the Stage

Gender Equality
On and Off the Stage

This website and resource centre is the outcome of the European Project: ‘Gender Equality on and off the Stage: A Mapping Project of the European Live Performance Sector’. The project ran from February 2020 until January 2022. It was a joint undertaking of the European social partners in the live performance sector, represented by Pearle*-Live Performance Europe on the employers’ side and EAEA-European Arts and Entertainment Alliance including FIA (International Federation of Actors), FIM (International Federation of Musicians) and UNI-MEI (media and entertainment division of UNI Global Union) representing workers in the sector. The project was financed by the European Commission. The main aim of the project was to map the situation with regard to gender equality in the Live Performance sector across the EU and create an overview in order to identify and highlight good practice examples.

This website brings together the main outcomes from the project. Key among these is a collection of good practice examples pertaining to gender equality in the Live Performance sector. Many are social partner initiatives, or projects which involve them, presenting a useful addition to other existing resources in the cultural sector. They are presented in an interactive, searchable database and you can read more about the methodology for the selection and inclusion of the good practices, as well as search the database, in the dedicated web section. This collection presents the most relevant and recent practices in a standardised format. They span a broad range of examples including legal and policy measures, initiatives and agreements of social partners, actions by civil society and artistic movements, all dedicated to promoting gender equality in the live performance sector.

Elsewhere on the website you will find a brief explanation of the general context of the project and the methodology used; a wealth of recordings and resources arising from the four online Gender Equality Thursday webinars held in the course of the project; as well as some overall reflections and a list of useful resources regarding Gender Equality in the Live Performance sector.

For further information, please contact the secretariats of any of the four project partners, whose details figure below.

Pearle, Live Performance Europe

FIA, International Federation of Actors

FIM, International Federation of Musicians

UNI MEI, UNI Global Union - media, entertainment & arts